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This fall, YYC Cycle teamed up with the dream team at Local Laundry to create a sweater in celebration of our people with the purpose of giving back to our surrounding community. With $10 from every sweater going toward the Calgary Drop-In Centre to help combat homelessness at the Calgary Drop-In Centre. 

Our community is built upon the stories of those who ride. With every add to the dial, we overcome battles, conquer goals and challenge ourselves to be stronger than we were yesterday. For 50 minutes, the beat of the music is in charge and together, we belong to something more. So, read below and get to know a few of the amazing people who make up the Bikergang and hear why a stationary bike feels like home.

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“The first time I rode in a spin class, I couldn’t feel my legs. I was disoriented but then afterward, I felt cleansed. I thought, “this is a really nice feeling.” The word I would use to describe this space is “family". It is a community of people who all have something in common - they may have different reasons why they spin, but ultimately they come together to support each other. Whether you are there occasionally or constantly, there’s a recognition there among the riders.

For me, spin has a very meaningful place in my heart and in my fitness journey over the last four years. Being in the room, seeing things like everyone on the same leg going to the beat of the music - there is something so captivating about that moment. There is something really magical about the experience that’s hard to describe to someone who hasn’t done it before. You’re together, you feel like you’re in sync - you feel like you’re a part of something more."

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“I’ve been to a few spin studios before, but I’ve never felt this kind of connection before. I'm so motivated to go back every time just for the sense of community alone. All of the motivators and staff I’ve met make me feel so comfortable in an experience that can be intimidating and quite uncomfortable. If I could describe YYC in one word it would be “strength". No matter what, I always find that I come out of the class feeling better than when I went in. Having a time of day to connect with myself and other people makes me feel so good."


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“I have a neurological disorder. Essentially it’s a disease where my legs and arms don’t always work and I started doing spin in part because I was told that regular exercise would be something that would help me control some of the symptoms - and it has! I notice if I’m away traveling and I miss spin for a couple of weeks, my neurological issues start coming back. And I didn’t know if I could do it, but there’s something about being strapped into a bike that makes sure you don’t go anywhere so it does feel safe. Spin had helped me so much - it’s also very addicting and it’s crazy to say, but I miss it if I don’t go for several days!"


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“Ahh, there is so much to say. A friend of mine took me to my first spin class shortly after I had quit my job. I remember going through it and loving the music, the lights and the uncomfortableness of it. When I left that class I signed up for the intro pass and I went every single day. Suddenly I had the thought, “I can’t imagine not going tomorrow”. So I started with a goal to go 20 days straight. Those 20 days turned into 30, then 40 days and now I can say I’ve been 50 times in the last 49 days. There were times where my legs were burning and it was hard, but I loved every minute of it. I wanted to prove something to myself, and I did.

Spin can get emotional! In one particular class, I was going through a rough time in my life, and the motivator turned off the lights and turned up the music and told the class “You can do anything you want!” This resonated with me so deeply and I just started bawling! I was riding next to my friend and she was like, “Are you crying?!” and I was like “No, I’m not crying - you’re crying!”


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“In my past life, when I was younger, I got seriously bullied because of my disability, and I know the studio is a place where I can be myself. I used to have terrible anxiety attacks and I knew I had to get better. Because of YYC, I have a family who loves and supports me. I have a community who cares about me. Every time I come to the studio, I feel so happy, excited and most importantly like I can release my stress and focus. It’s a way to get all my fears out and not be afraid anymore. I came to the studio looking for guidance, love, and acceptance and that’s what I found. I never ever expected to fall in love with a spin studio.”