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CROTCH TALK: Some real talk about spin hygiene

This week, our amazing YYC motivator, Elle McAndrews is giving us the nitty gritty on your nitty gritty as our guest blogger. Yay Elle! 




You might have experienced it, or maybe you are shocked to discover that this happens to others. Is this just for ladies? Nope, dudes get it too. This problem is real and it can be quite bothersome. What am I talking about?

    • A chafed crotch.
    • Irritation of your skin in your crotch region.
    • A swollen sebaceous gland or cyst.


The 411 from a medical professional


When you have a sweaty, hot region of skin that rubs against another sweaty hot region of skin, irritation occurs. Sometimes it creates a minor abrasion of the skin that will go away after a couple days of rest from the activity. But, if you keep up with the activity, infection and further abrasion can occur. In some cases, a swollen sebaceous gland can form.


You have Cyst, now what?


My doctor said she would suggest a cream to bring down the swelling and help dry up the gland. She also said to never try to remove it or (gross) - extract it! Your body should eventually absorb the cyst, however, a topical cream such as benzyl peroxide can help speed the process along.


So what to do about chafing?


I found a miracle cream at Sport Check called “Skin Glide” and I swear by it. It has cut down the amount of chafing I experience from spin to almost zero.

I also found that wearing full bum (so sexy) bamboo underwear decreases the amount of friction for the groin region. If you are going to wear underwear during exercise, bamboo is one of the best materials to wear as it is breathable and wicks away moisture from the skin.

Another option is padded bike shorts. I have avoided these for too long and it is about time to embrace the bum pads. You will protect your man or lady parts by wearing these.  


What if I have abrasions?


To limit the chances of bacteria growing or getting into any broken skin, here are some healthy practices to follow:

    • Change out of your sweaty workout bottoms immediately after class. 
    • If possible, shower as soon as you are able to rid your down south region of sweat and bacteria.
    • Use an antibiotic ointment on the broken skin and avoid spinning if you can until the area has healed. Even 1 day off can make a huge difference.
    • If you find any lumps or bumps, go to your doctor. Rule out STI’s (don’t worry, you CANNOT get STI’s from a bike seat) and address the swollen sebaceous gland with your doctor.


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Keep that crotch healthy and happy so you can spin forever!


xo - ELLE