Julie Hodge

| Fitness Professional | Trainer | Contest Prep Coach | Miracle Believer | Truth Seeker | Crossfitter | Anti-Sugar Promoter | Booty Builder | Coffee Lover | Excuse Buster | #1IngredientFood Educator | Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway Doer | 40 Something Life Lover |


What Motivates you about being a Motivator?

Personally and professionally– I live and breathe a fitness centered lifestyle and am 100% purpose-driven to support and educate people in becoming their best, healthiest, happiest, fittest versions of themselves without shortcuts, gimmicks, BS or magic pills.  Motivating the YYC Cycle biker gang is a beautiful, fun and powerful extension of sharing this love of fitness and a “you can, you will and you ARE” belief with others in a fun, upbeat, work your butt off and enjoy every second of it way on the bike.  Happy, healthy people contribute to a happy, healthy world and we need more of that – and the YYC Cycle team is a part of that!  I love it!


How would you describe your style of class at YYC?

You tell me!  No seriously, I think my spin style is a blend of authentic quirky charm, a no-nonsense let’s get down and serious and work it hard on the bike approach with some fitness education thrown in the mix.  I want to share my 21 years (and counting!) experience in the healthy industry and my strong focus in proper bio-mechanic movement, form and function with each spin class so they can have safe and super effective workouts and really grow as spin athletes.  And if the biker gang is lucky maybe I’ll throw in a lame joke attempt or two…


If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet?  

Ghandi, Mandela and Mother Theresa 


How long could you go without talking?