Auzz Kennedy

| Music Lover | Food Enthusiast | Growth Seeker | Gem Stone Addict |  Traveler | Lover Not Fighter | Mountain climber |


What motivates you about being a motivator? 

I love when others feel good about themselves. It uplifts me and makes me feel amazing myself. I love when people are inspired to change the way they feel about themselves in a positive way, and if i can motivate and inspire just one person in the world to feel better today then they did yesterday, It’s all worth it! The energy i feel when others succeed continues to push and inspire me to raise the bar for myself! 


I love people and I love to see growth in people who i am surrounded by, it gets me excited to hear peoples stories of success in their lives and my goal is to be part of that success story.


How would you describe one of your style of classes at YYC? 

My classes are an experience for the mind, body and soul. High energy constantly flowing for 50 minutes as you challenge yourself physically and mentally to break through barriers you’ve never thought of overcoming. Together, we will ignite that fire within you to grow stronger each time we sit on the bike together. Now that’s soul-shifting! 


What’s your favorite flavor of ice-cream? 

Peanut Butter Chocolate.


What celebrity would play you in a biopic about your life?

Chris Hemsworth ( Thor) 


How can we find you on #instagram?